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Dj Mzenga Man Is A Fraud ThatboyKrusty Exclaims

Copperbelt upcoming rapper and producer ‘ThatboyKrusty’ expresses his disappointment in Dj Mzenga Man calling him a fraud. This has all come about because of Dj Mzenga’s 2018 Cypher which had Jay Z on it. The Rapper/Producer wrote: “I am very disappointed in Dj Mzenga Man and I bet the whole country will be when they find out that he fooled all […]

Wizkid Features on Metro Boomin’s “Not All Heros Wear Capes” Album

Metro Boomin left the production game shook with his apparent retirement. The St. Louis producer is too talented to fade to black at such a young age though, and he has dropped off a scorching new album to reintroduce himself to the word. Metro Boomin is both the hero we asked for, and the hero we all deserve. Not All […]