Dj Mzenga Man Is A Fraud ThatboyKrusty Exclaims

Copperbelt upcoming rapper and producer ‘ThatboyKrusty’ expresses his disappointment in Dj Mzenga Man calling him a fraud.

This has all come about because of Dj Mzenga’s 2018 Cypher which had Jay Z on it.

The Rapper/Producer wrote:

“I am very disappointed in Dj Mzenga Man and I bet the whole country will be when they find out that he fooled all of us.Mzenga man‘s 2018 cypher received major hype from the public because it was reported that Jay Z was on it but in actual sense, Mzenga Man stole Jay Z‘ verse off his “Feelin It” song and put it on the cypher.

Artistes like Slap Dee, Cleo Ice Queen, King Illest, Krytic & Tiye P where on this Cypher and this Cypher was meant to boost their CV but it’s sad to say they were all played.

Now you can imagine why a big name would stoop so low and embarrass the whole country.

I strongly believe Mzenga Man owes the whole country an apology..”

What do you the public think?

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